• OMD Founder Rockin' Rich Lynch is a Nashville-based musician who for over 20 years has served as editor and music writer of several acclaimed online outlets. He now receives several dozen requests every week to listen to new and continuing acts from all over the world.

"It is an incredible honor to be at the service of the global music community," said Lynch during the launch of the OMD website. "We're excited to feature these acts so our community and the music buying public can support them, too!"

Rich started One Million Downloads in early 2018 as a way to simply rebrand the MP3 digital audio file into a convenient monetary unit that serves to tip the creative music community. In a world of diminished sales this is a very easy way to show your support to any musician that markets their own MP3 songs. This website now offers Rich's music in MP3 and USB USB format in the hopes of reaching the equivalent of One Million Downloads in a short period of time!

In you are a member of the media who wants to talk to Rich about One Million Downloads. Or, if you would like to send us your physical product for review please contact us and send your press kits to:

Editor/Richard J. Lynch
P.O. Box 17103
Nashville, TN 37217
Email: soundpress@yahoo.com
Phone: 862.377.1959

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